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Girl Who 'stabbed Her Sister To Death' Posted Viral TikTok Videos
Girl Who 'stabbed Her Sister To Death' Posted Viral TikTok Videos
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A teenager who is accused of stabbing her older wheelchair-bound sister to death at their home in Pennsylvania posted several now-viral TikTok videos which appear to show a bloody latex glove and rants about her father. 

Claire Miller, 14, allegedly stabbed to death her 19-year-old sister Helen in Manheim Township, near Lancaster, in the early hours of Monday while their parents slept.

Helen, who had cerebral palsy and was wheelchair-bound, was found with a pillow covering her face and a knife wound to her neck. 

After Miller's arrest, TikTok sleuths said they believed she ran the account @spiritsandsuchconsulting, reported.

In one of the videos shared by internet sleuths, Miller appears to show a white latex glove covered in blood in the snow before panning to a blood covered stuffed giraffe toy. 

She had reportedly been found by police covered in blood while trying to wash her hands in the snow outside the family home in Manheim Township after the attack on Monday. 

The TikTok account believed to have belonged to Miller had amassed about 32,000 followers and millions of views on some of its latest videos, according to Business Insider.

TikTok reportedly closed the account on Thursday for violating Community Guidelines which prohibit promoting or engaging in violence but did not confirm if it belonged to Miller, according to the outlet.

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Claire Miller, мультики 2022 онлайн left, knifed 19-year-old Helen, right, in the early hours of Monday, police say

A video believed to have been posted by Claire Miller to TikTok shows a white glove covered in blood, left, and a stuffed toy giraffe also covered in blood

Claire Miller was found by cops outside her family home covered in blood, police said

Business Insider was able to verify that videos posted by Miller made their way to TikTok's For You Page, TikTok's recommendation feed, before the account was removed. 

Sleuths on TikTok have since reposted some videos believed to belong to Miller to the social media app. 

In the post which went to the For You Page, the Miller uses a text-to-speech voice with the caption 'my dad has to stop opening the conversation with "this is just like the gay bar in Japan".'

Many of the posts believed to belong to Miller appear to reference violent anime and video games.

Many of the posts believed to belong to Miller online appear to reference violent anime and video games

Miller's TikTok account has reportedly been deleted for violating the platform's terms of service

This is the post Miller is said to have made to TikTok which went viral on the website

Miller is believed to be pictured in a TikTok post she allegedly made which references a Japanese video game franchise called Danganronpa

In one video, Miller appears to have posted screenshots from a Japanese video game franchise called Danganronpa in which a group of high school students are coerced into murdering each other by a creature named Monokuma.

Miller also appears to have posted a video with screenshots from a Korean comic called Killing Stalking - about a young, mentally ill man who was abused and raped by his uncle and in the military.

In yet another video, Miller lip-syncs the song Violent by Carolesdaughter. 

In an Instagram post from an account identified by TikTok sleuth as belonging to Miller, the teen posted 'still holding out for Mello,' a character in the Manga comic Deathnote. 

Police say Miller called 911 shortly after 1am on Monday in a 'hysterical' state, allegedly telling law enforcement she had killed her sibling. 

After arriving at the scene, officers said Claire pointed them to Helen's bedroom where her sister was then discovered with a pillow covering her face and a knife wound to her neck.

According to the criminal complaint, Miller repeatedly said: 'I stabbed my sister.'

The circumstances of the stabbing are not known.  

Miller, of Manheim Township, has been charged with criminal homicide as an adult, the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office said.

She is being held without bail. shows the teen being led in handcuffs from court after being arraigned to Lancaster County Prison. 

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    Police say they then found Claire outside the family home, covered in blood and trying to wash her hands in the snow




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