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Nikon D5600 Vs Nikon D3500
Nikon D5600 Vs Nikon D3500
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The Nikon D5600 and D3500 are alike in many respects, but the main distinction between them is the number of auto-focusing points. While the D5600 includes 39 AF points, the D3500 is only equipped with 11. Contrarily, the D5600 has nine cross-type AF locations. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a camera that is new. It features a more articulate touchscreen and is equipped with a better Resolution of 1.037 million dots. The two touchscreens are the same in they both have the same 37 AF points.









The D3500 can be a great choice for people who are brand new to digital photography. It has an 18-55mm fixed zoom that costs less than 500 dollars. For new photographers, the D3500 can be used with ease. In contrast, the D5600 comes with more capabilities, like A rotating LCD screen, an external microphone jack as well as a more precise autofocus feature.





The major differences between these two cameras are in the way they handle different tasks. While the D3500 can be used for photography while the D5600 is a great general-purpose camera. Every camera comes with a single point AF system that is ideal for shooting portraits. The D3500 is equipped with a superior autofocus feature, however it is slow and cannot be able to lock focus on an object when the lens is situated in mid-frame.









Both cameras support video recording, but the Nikon D5600 is better at low-light conditions than the D3500. Its photos are clear and vibrant, and they have low pixel noise, even up to ISO 3200. If you're primarily shooting print-ready Facebook posts and prints its video capabilities can be used for these purposes. The difference between these two cameras is how they handle video and audio.









The D5600 is a great entry-level camera and the D3500 is more costly one. But, the D3500 remains a great option for people who are not yet familiar with digital photography. Both cameras take excellent images, but the D3500 comes with superior capabilities in videography. Additionally, you are able to record videos with both cameras. On the D3500 you could make videos only if you would like to.









Even though the price is higher, both cameras offer similar quality. The D3500 offers the same features like the D5600. The D5600 offers more direct access to shooting parameters. Also, the D3500 has better autofocus. If you're looking for more realistic images of subjects moving then the D3500 would be the best option. It is worth noting that the D3500 is more affordable in comparison to the D3600. Many photographers prefer the D5600 because it's easier to use and comes with higher-quality manual controls.









The D3500 is an excellent camera for amateurs. It is a compact and lightweight camera that can use for travelling. Both cameras can take great pictures but the D5600 will produce better video. Video recording can happen faster using the D3500. The D5600 features a 3.5mm audio connection. If you'd like to capture videos, make sure you purchase the appropriate microphone for the job.





Though both D3500 or D5600 are capable of taking high-quality photos However, the D5600 is more suitable for professional photographers. The D5600's 24-megapixel sensor makes it an extremely popular option. Every camera comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. But, the D5600 provides more options.





The LCD display of the D5600 is an extra 3.2 inch. The LCD comes with a better resolution and tilts. The D5600 features a better focus range and offers greater creative versatility. While the D3500's LCD has a fixed LCD, the D5600 is flippable and has the larger screen that measures 2.7 inches. It's therefore easier to view images with this model than D3500.



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